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Kristin & Jon Get Married

|||Custom Site Design
We finally did it. After 12 year Jon and I tied the knot and built a website to share our memories with friends and family. This was built as a personal website, and not for profit use.



|||Custom Site Design
Custom site built for SPD Corporation in 2009. My direction was clean and simple that is easy to navigate. The main goal of the site was to introduce clients to the company and what they do. SPD created the AAFES specialty online store, ProSalon Shop.

I am no longer responsible for the management of this site.



|||Web Content Manager/Webmaster for ProSalon Shop
ProSalon Shop was built as a specialty shop to be operated specifically under the Army & Air Force Exchange Service Online Store, www.aafes.com. The AAFES Catalog and Exchange Online Store is for the exclusive use of authorized Exchange customers throughout the world. This includes: Active Duty Military, Retirees, Reserves, National Guard...etc.

While I did not design the upper banner or the initial layout for the ProSalon site, I did establish the standard for content, navigation and graphics. I was responsible for all other graphics for the site as well as creating and updating content for the site.

I am no longer responsible for the management of this site.



|||Custom Site Design
Custom site built for the Hillcrest Animal Rescue Group in Dallas, TX. This non-profit organization needed a site that could get their message out, show off their newest adoption animals and give the public an easy way to contact them. I also created custom pdf files for their adoption applications that would be easily downloadable as well as online applications making it easier for the organization to quickly receive and process applications. The site was structured so it would be easy for the HAR to easily update on their own.

I am no longer responsible for the management of this site.



|||Web Content Manager/Webmaster for the Cat Connection
The Cat Connection is an online store and free standing store in Dallas, Texas. The shop specializes in food, toys, furnishing, accessories and other gift items, all related to the feline persuasion, meow.

I was not responsible for the initial design and layout for the site however did establish the standard for content, navigation and graphics. This also included taking photography of new products, writing detailed copy for new products and in some cases, other media such as video or sound to further market the product in best possible way.

I am no longer responsible for the management of this site.

Cat Connection's website has since received an extensive overhaul in the Fall of 2009.



March 2007 Issue

|||Editor and Publisher for the Cat Connection's Monthly Newsletter
10/01/2004 to 05/01/2008

Responsible for producing and distributing the Cat Connection's monthly newsletter to a subscriber database of over 10,000 members. Each month, the goal of the newsletter was to introduce members to new products, hot trends, tips for their pets, contests and other special features. This also consisted of testing products, writing reviews and short articles as well as sharing tips with consumers to better their wellbeing with their beloved feline friends.

I no longer manage or create the Cat Connection Monthly Newsletter.




Removed Red sold signage from sculpture.

Removed second subject and glare from glasses.

Product Photography

Photographed collars and dropped out background for a clean, sharp image.

|||Photo manipulation
Above are some quick examples of my photo manipulation skills. This includes color correction, removing unwanted objects, editing/enhancing scanned images, optimizing/sizing images for web use



Velvet Hookah

A fluid logo design created
for the Deep Ellum Bar.


Online Moniker

Logo/avatar design used for my
online alter ego, Lostinbubbles.

32 Hour Studio
Film Studio

Film production studio that need a simple logo for their company identity.

Detox City
Drug Screening Facility

The company Uni-Stat was in need of a new
logo to assist with building an online presences.


DJ Catscratch
Local Musician

Client was in need of a non-text, 1-color
logo he could use to brand his equipment.

|||Logo Designs
Above are a few examples of the logos I have done over the years. While I have not been commissioned to do many thus far in my professional life, I love the challenge of a good logo design. All of my logos start off as a sketch, scanned in, get the "Illustrator" treatment and are optimized for multiple platforms in Adobe Photoshop.