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Here is a glimpse of the girl behind the moniker ‘lostinbubbles’.

Since graduating from school, I kept telling myself I needed to build myself a site for potential employers, clients, family and friends. Needless to say, 7 years later, I procrastinated more than just a little I think! Now…since I have had a little extra time on my hands, no better time to put something together. A wise person once told me however, the hardest task you will ever have is designing for yourself. There is no doubt about that so nothing fancy for now, just a simple place to start growing from.

For Potential Clients: Please check back soon for my standard rates or please use my contact form if you are interested in recieving a quote for web and/or graphic design services.

For Potential Employers: Please visit the Resume section for more about my "professional" side. Please note I live in the Denton/Aubrey area.

For all other visitors: I am looking forward to using this domain to explore some “other ideas” in the near future and will keep you posted here. You may find out more in the Future Plans section.

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